Ares Shrike LMG Conversion

The Shrike LMG conversion was designed by Geoffrey A. Herring of Ares Defense Systems. The stated goal was to produce a compact and ultra-lightweight 5.56mm belt-fed rifle or Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)... without subtracting a rifleman.

The Shrike is designed to replace the upper receiver of the M-16 familiy of weapons without the use of tools. The resultant weapon weighs less than 8 lbs and is fed either from standard M16 magazines and M249 (SAW) ammunition with M27 disintegrating links. Conversion requires less than five minutes

The Shrike system is extrememly compact and simple in design.
The Shrike lends itself to use as a squad level machinegun (LMG) or can be used with a T&E unit for sustained fire.
The Shrike features and integrated Picatinny rail system allowing for a wide variety of sighing systems to be mounted.
The compactness of the Shrike is evident. The entire weapon, including M-4 style lower receiver will fit into a standard briefcase.
Shrike LMG conversion data:

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